Tempting the taste ofThose willing to try

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Mad Pecker Brews On-Tap

Emerald Valley

Pale Ale | 5.8% ABV

Bitter Soul ESB

Strong Bitter | 5.0% ABV

Great Northwest

IPA | 6.0% ABV

Ridge Creek Blonde

Blonde | 5.0% ABV

Cosmic Rye

Rye IPA | 6.0% ABV

Mad House Porter

Porter | 5.6% ABV

Lechuza Negra

Cascadian Dark Ale | 6.5 ABV

The Commons

Pale Ale | 5.4 ABV

Coffee Pecan Brown

Brown Ale | 6.6 ABV



The Ripper

American Amber Ale | 6.0 ABV

Silver Creek Wheat

American Wheat | 4.8 ABV

Fresh Hip-HoppedAles Brewed Here

The Brewery

Shunned from the rest of society, the Mad Pecker was cast away to live in solitude. The result of being a craft brewer. People weren't ready to trade in their watered down, same tasting, conveyor belt beer that had taken control of the land. Left ridiculed and without a brewery, the Mad Pecker sought refuge in the once lush hops-forest which had been leveled due to the macro-industrial beer makers lust for control. It was here that the Mad Pecker would change the beer industry by brewing some of the greatest tasting craft beers ever created, tempting the taste of those willing to try. Mad Pecker Brewing Co. will tell his story, by crafting beers that break out of the norm and mundane to help change what has now become the craft beer revolution.

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Raving Reviews

This San Antonio brewery is a great place to hangout after work! The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very cool! They have a great variety of beer and I'm determined to try them all!Brandi H.
Awesome beer. Awesome food. My brother made me change the review because I said that the service was awesome. He said it was *stupendous* -- so here y'all go. Semantics, lol. Adam B.
Great food, beer and atmosphere. Friendly servers and overall great experience. Can't wait to go back.
Adriana N.
Love this place. Great selection of beers and some really awesome food. Thursday's are always a plus with glass night.Paula M.
Yes, yes, yes. Food is great and everything is made fresh in house. The pizza is amazing, especially after having a few amazing beers that are brewed in house!!!! Love this place. Going to another brewery down the street made me really appreciate Mad Pecker even more! Des M.

Upcoming Events


All the most recent fun

  • San Antonio Beer Week is here at Mad Pecker Brewing, and joining us is our downtown friends at @KuenstlerBrew. 
Keep some sweet glassware when you order the Verboten! which is a pre-purification law beer brewed with wheat, honey and molasses. We’ll also be pouring the Nulli Secundus Baltic Porter with notes of chocolate, molasses and hits of tobacco.
  • No smiling hop faces today. Strictly business grinding through double brew days to keep the taps flowing with Mad Pecker brews. Here's a peek of an English Rye IPA we're brewing up with Admiral and Jester hops. As always, tempting the taste of those willing to try. .
#madpeckernation #englishipa #jesterhops #admiralhops #beerme #nanobrewing #nosleepgang #purplehazebang #peopleschoicex3 #sanantoniobeer #sabeerweek2017
  • One for the money, two for the haze! Be on the look out later this week for these two gems. Variants of our Chill Hop Session IPA hazed and infused with Passion Fruit and Peach. 1 of 1 exclusives! .
#craftbeer #juicyipa #hazyipa #hazecraze #sanantoniobrew #beerme #nanobrewery #madpeckernation #lofihiphop #chillhop #hypeisreal #peopleschoicex3 #hatersgonnahate
  • We've had some awesome guests visiting us during their visit to San Antonio for the Final Four, including these Loyola Ramblers fans who are now officially members of #MADPECKERNATION
#finalfour #sanantonio #marchmadness #loyolachicago #craftbeertourist #drinklocal #peopleschoicex3
  • Happy Thursday Ya'll!Sending happy vibes to all of #MADPECKERNATION!
#SanAntonio #marchmadness #finalfour #ipa #thegreatnorthwest #firstworthopping #nanobrewery #lofihiphop #simcoe #centennial #chinook #cascade #thepeopleschoicex3 #puro
  • Tonight we’ll be featuring some of Colorado’s finest, @OdellBrewing and Rupture - Fresh Grind Ale. 
Odell built a machine in their brewery to incorporate a unique fresh grind process. By grinding the whole hop they “rupture” the lupulin inside – releasing the oils that give the beer its flavor. 
Try this tasty beer tonight and keep the pint glass starting at 6PM.
  • Tonight @ 6PM we’ll be hosting our homies at @RealAleBrewing for an extra special and extremely LIMITED Coffee Porter mugs. Supply is very limited so get here early if you’d like one, we will sell out fast!!
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